DS Pipe & Steel Supply LLC
1301 Wicomico Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

News at DS Pipe and Steel Supply


We always have something happening at our company. 


Processing News


We are now currently beveling our pipe from our inventory for your needs!!! Have have the ability to bevel pipe in our warehouse.



Distribution News


We have a fleet of 23 trucks to deliver over 95% of all orders to you. Our drivers are company employees, not subcontractors!

We just updated 8 of our tractors to meet new Federal regulations with our partners at Ideal Lease-Baltimore. Our entire fleet

is International trucks & all trailers  are Great Dane Trailers serviced through Bowman Leasing. Both are local Baltimore companies. 



Product News


We are now stocking Apollo Press Fittings. We are stocking these fittings in both copper & carbon steel press.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We also are stocking the ball valves to go along with the fittings. We have the whole package for a one stop shop.



Operational News


Did you know our warehouse is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week?! No other company in our industry offers those types of service hours.

You can even pick up an order throughout the night.



Sales News

Did you know that we do not have a minimum order or a cut off time to place an order? We have sales people here at 7:00am to at least 5:00pm.

If it is not on our website, please feel free to give our inside sales reps a call to get an answer.


As always, you can call our sales reps to get after hours/ emergency responses as well!! Our business never sleeps!!


Product News

We stock pipe in pipe diameters 2-1/2" up to 24" in 42ft lths!! This allow for less connections joints whether you are welding or roll grooving your end connections.

We stock a vast inventory of both domestic pipe & import pipe as well.


We stock galvanized pipe from 1/4" in diameter up to 24" in diameter!  We are the only local distributor to handle this size range!