DS Pipe & Steel Supply LLC
1301 Wicomico Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Services and Information

Value-Added Services are the norm at DS Pipe & Steel Supply. We sell service and can handle jobs from small to large. See below for just a few of our capabilities for your needs.


  • Value Added Services
    • Saw Cutting
    •       We perform all saw cutting processing in house. We have six (6) saws that process 24 hours a day!
    •       Our cutting capacities are up to 24" in diameter.
    • Plate Plasma Burning
    •      We have two(2) plasma tables that operate 24 hours a day.
    •       Table capacity is 12ft wide x 32ft long  & 9ft wide x 45ft long

    • Roll and Cut Grooving
    •      We roll & cut groove all of our pipe in house on our Victaulic machines.
    •       We can roll groove up to 24" in diameter.
    • Hot Dip Galvanizing
    •      We can pick up your material on our truck, get your material hot dip galvanized & bring it back to your facility without the hassle of trucking material around! 
    •       Ask our inside sales people when we can pick your material up for you.


Painting / Primering

     Let us know your specific requirements & specs & we can get it done!