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Engineered Hangers

Engineered hangers are essential components in the piping industry. They are designed and manufactured to support, restrain, and stabilize various piping systems in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Engineered hangers are typically made from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, or other alloys, chosen based on the piping system’s specific environmental and load conditions. These hangers play a crucial role in ensuring that pipes are properly suspended, aligned, and protected, which is essential for the safe and efficient operation of piping systems.

Engineered hangers bear the weight of the pipes, fittings, and the fluid or material they transport. Proper support prevents sagging, leading to stress on the pipe and potential leaks or damage. They also help maintain the correct alignment of pipes, ensuring that they remain straight and do not shift or bend under load or thermal expansion. Vibration and shock control are vital in the piping industry, and engineered hangers reduce the risk of damage to the piping and connected equipment.

There are various types of engineered hangers, each designed for specific applications and requirements. Common types include:

  • Clevis Hangers: These are U-shaped hangers with a clevis pin that allows for vertical adjustment, making them suitable for various pipe sizes.
  • Swivel Rings: Swivel rings permit angular movement and are used when pipes need to be flexible due to expansion, contraction, or movement.
  • Riser Clamps: Riser clamps support vertical pipes, such as those used for fire protection systems or riser pipes in multistory buildings.
  • Pipe Saddles: Pipe saddles are used to support horizontal pipes and are often welded or bolted to structural members.