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Ironworker Services

An Ironworker machine is undoubtedly the most versatile machine in any metalworking shop. This machine is capable of punching, shearing, forming, and notching and is equipped with additional capabilities like pipe coping, channel notching, and gaging systems. All this versatility is packed into a small-sized yet powerful machine tool.

About GEKA Machines

GEKA ironworkers have become an industry standard known for their durability, precision and operator-friendly features. GEKA manufactures a full line of equipment in various sizes, ranging from simple manual ironworkers to the latest CNC automated machines. GEKA ironworkers boast unique specs that make them tough machines capable of meeting all production needs. Some of these features include:

  • Technically dimensioned bed
  • Cylinder with additional guide
  • Accurate shaft system to avoid distortions
  • Gradual centering of punch
  • Quick punch change
  • Safety protection
  • Ample space for mounting special equipment
  • Optimum operation speed

Ironworker Services at DS Pipe & Steel

Punching is a process that produces round or square holes, slots, and various shapes precisely and quickly. At DS Pipe & Steel, we use a state-of-the-art GEKA brand ironworker machine for punching metal. We can punch holes of varied shapes and sizes on almost any metal.

Punching is an economical way of producing holes in both sheets and plates. It is ideal for medium to high-volume projects.

Value-Added Services are the norm at DS Pipe & Steel Supply. We sell services and can handle jobs from small to large. We work with industry-leading manufacturers in supplying industrial product lines consisting of steel, pipe, steel beams, a full line of structural steel products, and more! If you require ironworker services, including metal punching, contact us today. No job is too big or small!