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Steel - Circles, Rings, Gussets

Steel circles, rings, and gussets are structural components used in various industries and applications. 

Steel Circles

Steel circles are flat, round-shaped pieces made from steel. They are typically cut from larger sheets or plates of steel. Steel circles are used in various applications, including construction, manufacturing, and fabrication. They can be used as base plates, mounting brackets, flanges, or as decorative elements. The circular shape provides strength and stability to the structure they are incorporated into.

Steel Rings

Steel rings are circular-shaped components with a hollow center. They are often made by bending or welding steel bars or tubes into a circular shape. Steel rings have diverse applications across industries. They are commonly used as reinforcements, connectors, or supports in structures subjected to tension or compression forces. For example, they can be found in bridge construction, automotive manufacturing, and industrial machinery.

Steel Gussets

Steel gussets are triangular or rectangular plates made from steel. They reinforce joints, connections, or corners in structural assemblies. Gussets are typically welded or bolted into place to increase a structure’s load-bearing capacity and overall stability. They distribute forces more evenly and help prevent deformation or failure at critical points. Steel gussets are extensively employed in applications such as trusses, frames, brackets, and welded structures.

These steel components play crucial roles in enhancing the strength, stability, and integrity of various structures. Their robust nature and versatility make them valuable components in numerous industries, where they are used to withstand forces, distribute loads, and reinforce critical points.