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1018 Cold Finished Round Bar

A 1018 round cold rolled steel bar is a low carbon, medium manganese steel that maintains close dimensional accuracy. This steel bar product has a smooth surface finish, is machinable, and displays excellent mechanical properties. In addition, 1018 cold-finished steel round bars are easy to weld, form, cut, and machine. This high-quality product is also ideal for bending, cold forming, and applications requiring less strength.

1018 steel’s low carbon content, typically around 0.18%, makes it more malleable, ductile, and easily workable. Cold finishing allows for tighter dimensional tolerances compared to hot rolled bars, making it suitable for precision applications. While not as strong as higher carbon steels, 1018 cold finished round bars still provide adequate strength for many applications and boast excellent machinability due to their low carbon content.

Uses of 1018 Cold Finished Round Bars

  • Machinery Parts: 1018 steel is commonly used in the manufacturing of various machinery parts, including shafts, gears, bolts, screws, and hydraulic fittings, due to its good strength and machinability.
  • Fasteners: The steel’s ductility and strength make it ideal for producing fasteners like screws, studs, and nuts in various industries.
  • Automotive Components: Many automotive components, such as axles, crankshafts, and spindles, are made from 1018 Cold Finished Round Bars due to their excellent machinability and moderate strength.
  • Hardware and Tools: It is utilized to produce various hardware items, such as hinges, locks, and hand tools, where good strength and ease of fabrication are required.
  • Construction: While not suitable for high-stress structural applications, 1018 Cold Finished Round Bars may find use in smaller construction components or decorative elements due to their surface finish and machinability.