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Steel Beams

Steel beams are structural components commonly used in construction and engineering projects. They are robust, load-bearing bars made of steel, which possess excellent strength and durability properties. Steel beams are long, horizontal bars with a specific cross-sectional profile designed to efficiently distribute and support heavy loads. The I-beam is the most prevalent type of steel beam, also known as an H-beam or universal beam. When viewed in cross-section, it has a distinctive “I” or “H” shape. The I-beam design offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it suitable for carrying substantial vertical and horizontal loads.

At their most basic, steel beams are for supporting heavy loads due to their immense strength. More specifically, they’re often used in construction and civil engineering structures, such as bridge support. They form the primary support structure for the bridge deck, helping to distribute the weight of vehicles, pedestrians, and other loads across the span. Steel’s high strength and resistance to deformation make it an ideal material for bridges, enabling longer spans and reducing the need for intermediate supports. 

In tall structures, steel beams are employed to withstand the vertical and lateral loads imposed by wind and gravity. They form the core structural system, ensuring stability, rigidity, and safety. Steel’s strength allows architects and engineers to design taller, more open spaces, providing flexibility in building layouts. Steel beams also apply to infrastructure projects such as airports, stadiums, and railway stations. They support large spans, enabling the construction of expansive roofs and canopies. Steel’s durability and resistance to corrosion make it suitable for outdoor structures exposed to environmental elements.