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Nucor Steel - Berkeley

Nucor Berkeley Mill offers customers a diverse range of wide-flange steel beams, pilings, and heavy structural steel products. Their beam mills use a special continuous casting method that produces a beam blank closer in shape to that of the finished beam than traditional methods. In fact, the Nucor Steel Berkeley mill is the only North American producer of high-strength, low-alloy beams, used in common applications such as gravity columns for high-rise buildings, long-span trusses for stadiums and convention centers, and for all projects where seismic design is a critical factor.

The Nucor Steel Mill in Berkeley, South Carolina, is one of the state’s most vital manufacturing companies, employers, and corporate citizens. They are a major contributor to both the state and local communities. Nucor Berkeley manufactures a range of steel products, including:

  • Housing beams: These beams are utilized within the frames of manufactured houses and are available in various weights and widths.
  • Standard beams: Also known as I-beams, this product is most often used in building construction or racking and material handling,
  • Wide-flange beams: The “H” design of a wide-flange beam provides better distribution of the weight of a structure over a wider area, allowing it to support heavier and larger structures.
  • Sheet pile sections: Long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall

The versatility and adaptability demonstrated by Nucor Steel Berkeley have contributed to their recognition as a leader in the structural steel business and enabled them to take care of customers while upholding the community.