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Plate Bending

Steel plate bending creates U, V, or channel shapes along a level axis in materials such as sheet metal. Common equipment used within this manufacturing process includes specialized machine presses such as brake presses. In this process, a metal sheet is placed over a die block, which presses the sheet to create a desired shape. When bending is complete, the material will attempt to spring back toward its initial position; therefore, the piece must be over-bent to achieve the desired angle.

Hydraulic Press Brake

Press brakes are fabrication machines used for bending sheet metal. The material is placed over a V-shaped die and pressed from above by a punch. These machines can bend simple and complex parts and are used in various industries ranging from automotive and aircraft to industrial markets. A press brake is essential when there is a need for bending metal panels, making them very common in job shops and machine shops.

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At DS Pipe & Steel, we have a 1995 fully refurbished 350 Ton Cincinnati Hydraulic Press Brake with a fully digital controller. We can bend up to 1/2″ thick x 10-foot long plate steel. Cincinnati has been building quality machinery since the 1890s. Their machines are famously durable, with some older models still in active use, leading to the low cost of upkeep and high resale values. Their press brakes are among their most well-known and respected machines. Their recently released electric press brake aims to combine durability with a relatively lightweight and portable design.

Value-Added Services are the norm at DS Pipe & Steel Supply; we can handle any job, no matter the size!