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Steel Round Tube - DOM

DOM, which stands for Drawn Over Mandrel, is a welding method that creates high-quality steel tubes through electric resistance. DOM tubing is typically used to describe a type of high-strength steel tube. However, DOM tubing does not refer to the steel tube itself but the process by which the tube is finished. 

The DOM process involves pulling a solid steel tube over a mandrel, which is a cylindrical tool with a specific diameter and shape. This process helps to improve the tube’s mechanical properties and create a uniform wall thickness throughout its length. The resulting tube has precise dimensions, smooth interior, and exterior surfaces, and enhanced structural integrity.

DOM steel round tubes are typically made from low carbon or alloy steel, contributing to their high strength and toughness. The manufacturing process involves cold drawing, where the tube is pulled through a die to reduce its diameter and wall thickness while maintaining its length. This cold working process enhances the tube’s mechanical properties and produces a smooth, uniform finish. The main advantages of Steel Round Tube DOM include:

  • Strength and durability
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Weldability

If you’re looking for a steel tube with uniform wall thickness and grain structure, high yield and tensile strength, excellent machining characteristics, and a smooth, clean surface, then DOM tubing might be the perfect fit for your project. Compared to another steel tubing, DOM tubing is transformed during the drawn-over mandrel process, yielding the highest weld strength possible.