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Custom Fabrication Services

Pipe fabrication is the cutting process, beveling, and welding of piping elements such as pipes, elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, and other piping components, according to design documents. Metal fabrication refers to manufacturing processes that shape sheet metal and other types of metal into products. Piping fabrication is a key operation in the power and process piping industries because it requires hundreds of elements, thousands of processes, and high precision. Pipe fabrication must be correctly planned, scheduled, and completed as per design specifications in any project involving piping networks. It is necessary to achieve maximum quality of work during pipe manufacturing to maintain system cohesion, proper operation of each component, and reduce accidents.

What is Pipe Fabrication?

Pipe fabrication plays a critical part in our society’s infrastructure, ensuring the commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities we rely on and work in are safely designed, mechanically correct, and thoroughly tested or examined for the service for which the piping system was designed. Piping fabrication typically includes cutting, beveling, welding, and bending; and is performed by skilled tradespeople.

Fabrication Services at DS Pipe & Steel

We are committed to professional, quality piping and steel systems that meet all of the requirements for your projects, including everything from design-build to fabrication and installation of engineered code projects. Our custom pipe fabrication services are outsourced to dependable, highly skilled companies to ensure every project is completed according to industry standards. From large projects to small ones, we can custom fabricate any steel pipe or structure to meet your needs. We carry a vast selection of steel pipe in stock, and our steel fabricators can customize any order.