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Homestead Valve

Founded in 1876, Homestead Valve specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of industrial valves and fittings. Their plug valves are well known and have a good reputation as a quality product, serving such industries as water, wastewater, natural gas, mining, boilers, steel, automobile plants, marine, asphalt, air-drying, and the oil industry. Homestead Valve’s exceptional engineering, manufacturing, inventory control, and sales performance have all added up to a highly reliable total valve company. Homestead Valve offers a wide range of industrial valves and fittings. Some of their most popular products include: 

  • Butterfly valves: wafer, lug, and flanged butterfly valves for clean water, dirty water and gas for Water, Wastewater and Industrial applications
  • Plug valves: delivers quick opening and closing with a tight, leak-proof closure. Available in standard rectangular port, full rectangular port, full round port, diamond port, and multi-port designs.
  • Various fittings and accessories: such as flanges, nipples, couplings, and adapters, which can be used with their valves

In addition to its standard product line, Homestead Valve also offers custom valve solutions for its customers. Their knowledgeable sales representatives can offer unique solutions for every customer’s needs. Homestead Valve strives to contribute to local economic growth by expanding operations, creating new jobs, and seeking local sources to satisfy their diverse needs.