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Steel Angle - Galvanized

Galvanized steel angles are ideal to use for building and construction projects. They are folded to a 90-degree angle with a wing on each side, making them suitable for reinforcing corners and edges. The angles come with the wings in different lengths to increase the coverage when mounting with flat sheets of galvanized steel. Additionally, the angles come in a range of gauges, with thicker pieces providing more strength and support.

Galvanization involves immersing the steel angles in a bath of molten zinc or applying a zinc coating through electroplating. This process creates a protective barrier that shields the underlying steel from rust, extending its lifespan and enhancing its durability. Great corrosion resistance, an excellent candidate for outdoor use or exposed environments. Galvanized steel angles are commonly used in various applications across industries such as construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure. 

Some of their primary uses include:

  • Structural Support: Galvanized steel angles provide strength and stability in building frames, roof trusses, bridges, and other load-bearing structures. They offer excellent resistance to bending and torsion forces.
  • Framing and Reinforcement: These angles are employed in framing walls, partitions, and ceilings, serving as reinforcements and bracing elements. They provide rigidity and contribute to the overall structural integrity of the construction.
  • Corner Protection: Galvanized steel angles protect vulnerable corners and edges, especially in high-traffic areas such as warehouses, storage facilities, and workshops. They safeguard against accidental impacts, minimizing damage and wear.
  • Shelving and Racking Systems: Steel angles are utilized to construct shelving units and racking systems. They act as supports for shelves, providing stability and load-bearing capacity.