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Flo-Tite, Inc.

Flo-Tite Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality ball valves and actuation equipment. Their products range from standard commercial Ball Valves to high-pressure metal seated Control Valves. The high-quality standard features in the Flo-Tite valve separate them from the competition and maintain their position as an industry leader with an advanced design ball valve. In addition to ball valves, Flo-Tite also produces:

  • Butterfly Valves: including resilient seated and high-performance butterfly valves. These valves are perfect for reliable performance and low maintenance.
  • Gate Valves: used where a tight shut-off is required. These valves are available in different sizes and materials to suit different applications.
  • Globe Valves: designed for precise flow control in industrial applications. 
  • Check Valves: includes swing check valves, lift check valves, and dual plate check valves. These are reliable and low maintenance.
  • Specialty Valves: these include cryogenic valves, sampling valves, tank bottom valves, and other specialty valves for unique applications.

Flo-Tite’s engineers and sales representatives have solved many industry demands for a quality, efficient, and safe ball valve over the last 20 years. Their valves are implemented in many markets and industries throughout the U.S. and worldwide. All products are subjected to rigorous product research and development programs, ensuring this process produces a safer, more efficient ball valve product. Flo-Tite is dedicated to expanding its customer base by providing quality products with superior customer service.