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1018 Cold Finished Flat Bar

A 1018 Cold Finished Flat Bar is a steel product processed using cold drawing techniques to achieve specific dimensions and surface finishes. The “1018” in the name refers to the grade of steel, which is a low-carbon steel alloy known for its excellent weldability, machinability, and formability.

Cold-finished bars are produced from special bar quality hot rolled bars by cold drawing, turning, grinding, polishing, or combining these methods. Cold drawing increases a bar’s yield strength and tensile strength, improves surface quality, produces more precise tolerance ranges, and polishing further creates a smooth and attractive surface. Overall, cold finishing reduces the cross-sectional area of the hot rolled bar. This process also imparts a smooth and polished surface finish to the bar. Cold finishing ensures tight dimensional tolerances and precise dimensions, making it suitable for applications that require accurate measurements and uniformity.

Uses of a 1018 Cold Finished Flat Bar

  • Machine Parts: 1018 Cold Finished Flat Bars are used in the manufacturing of various machine parts such as gears, shafts, and bolts due to their good machinability and strength.
  • Construction: They are employed in construction applications, including frames, braces, and supports, where the flat shape and high strength-to-weight ratio are advantageous.
  • Fasteners: The bars can be cut and formed into fasteners like screws and rivets, which are widely used in different industries.
  • Industrial Tools: They are utilized in the production of industrial tools and equipment like wrenches, chisels, and hammers.
  • Fabrication: The flat bar is widely used in metal fabrication projects, including brackets, flanges, and mounting plates.
  • Ornamental Applications: The smooth and polished surface of the bar makes it suitable for use in ornamental applications like decorative metalwork and architectural elements.