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Steel Rectangular Tube

Steel rectangular tubes are hollow structural sections made of steel, characterized by their rectangular shape and uniform wall thickness. They are commonly produced through cold-forming steel sheets or strips into the desired rectangular shape and then welding the edges together.

Stainless steel tubes can resist harsh weather elements that include corrosion, and welders use stainless pipes more than any other material available in the industry. Corrosion-resistant tubing is the same as 304 grade but has fewer mechanical properties. It can benefit valves, chemical equipment, pumps, and marine machinery. It is resilient at high temperatures and bends easily.

These tubes offer several advantages due to their structural properties and versatility. The rectangular shape provides increased strength and rigidity compared to other shapes. Steel rectangular tubes can carry heavy loads and are commonly employed in infrastructure projects, such as bridges, highways, and buildings. They are frequently used to construct frames, platforms, and supports requiring high load-bearing capacity.

These tubes are also highly versatile and find applications in diverse industries. Rectangular tubes can be used to build frameworks, support columns, beams, and trusses. They also serve as components in machinery, equipment, and vehicle manufacturing. Steel rectangular tubes can be manufactured with protective coatings or made from corrosion-resistant steel alloys, enhancing their durability and longevity, particularly in outdoor or corrosive environments.

Lastly, the rectangular shape of these tubes allows for efficient space utilization when designing structures or enclosing areas. They can fit into tight spaces, creating partitions, enclosures, or storage racks.