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Industrial painting helps optimize industrial processes by protecting otherwise exposed surfaces. It ensures that metal components are resistant to corrosion and damage, protecting your equipment and increasing its life expectancy. Painting and priming are essential when treating metals, especially ferrous metals that are more prone to rusting. One of the purposes of priming is to increase metal’s resistance against damage while providing extra durability.

If your company has valuable materials that are consistently exposed to harsh environments, painting is a great way to preserve their long-term value. Industrial painting can protect those precious surfaces, whether it’s industrial equipment in an outdoor environment or a laser cutter working with highly acidic materials.

About Industrial Paint

Unlike commercial painting, which emphasizes aesthetics, industrial painting is about functionality. While various types of industrial paint may come in different colors and textures, selecting these features for style is not the priority. Instead, professionals focus on what chemical and physical properties the paint can provide, like fireproofing, insulation, and protection against corrosion.

This usually means that industrial paints are oil-based, which takes longer to apply and dry but has a high level of durability. Commercial paints, however, are usually made with latex, which provides a nice finish but needs more frequent updating.

Contact DS Pipe & Steel for Painting Services

We offer expert painting and priming services outsourced to trusted, competent manufacturers. Our services include:

  • Priming and Painting untreated metals
  • Sand-blasting in any color
  • Powder coating
  • Pickling to remove impurities from metal
  • Acid wash
  • Rust and scale removal

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