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Aquatherm Polypropylene Piping

In 1973, Gerhard Rosenberg began manufacturing polypropylene pipe, known as Aquatherm, in his garage in Germany. He discovered that polypropylene is an ideal material for in-floor radiant heating tubing. From this small-scale discovery, a global plastic pipe manufacturing company was born. Today, Aquatherm and its global network employ hundreds of technicians worldwide. 

Their robust catalog of polypropylene pipe fittings and parts makes designing and installing PP-R and PP-RCT piping easy. Their products include, but are not limited to: 

  • Aquatherm Greenpipe & Bluepipe: A high-performance PP-R piping system made from the highest-quality polypropylene designed for compressed air, potable water, and heating and cooling applications.
  • Aquatherm Lilac: A PP-R piping system designed for non-potable water applications, such as rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse.
  • Aquatherm Fusiotherm: A comprehensive range of heat fusion welding tools and equipment for joining Aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings.
  • Aquatherm Climaflex: A pre-insulated PP-R piping system focused on energy efficiency for heating and cooling applications.

Aquatherm continues to innovate and lead in today’s evolving market. The cost of traditional metal piping systems continually fluctuates, but the price of PP-R piping systems remains stable. Aquatherm pipes don’t rust or corrode, so they help their clients stay competitive and offer a superior piping system.