DS Pipe and Steel Supply

SDI-Roanoke Bar / Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division

Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division specializes in the manufacturing, scrap processing, and marketing of merchant steel products and billets.

The Roanoke Bar Division is a state-of-the-art steel mini-mill in Roanoke, Virginia. This facility melts scrap steel in electric furnaces and continuously casts the molten steel into billets. The billets are rolled into merchant steel products consisting of angles, plain rounds, flats, and channels. Excess steel billet production is sold to mills without melting facilities. The Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division markets its products to steel service centers, fabricators, and original equipment manufacturers. Some of their products include:

  • Engineered Bar Products: round bars, square bars, and hexagon bars
  • Rebar: black, epoxy-coated, and fabricated rebar
  • Wire Rods: low-, medium-, and high-carbon wire rods for industrial applications
  • Billets: solid and semi-finished billets for forging and rolling applications
  • Coiled Reinforcing Bar: coiled rebar in a variety of sizes and grades
  • Industrial Quality Rod: hot-rolled and cold-drawn industrial quality rods for a range of applications

Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division also provides the most cost-efficient production. Every aspect of their rolling mill utilizes computer technology. The mill incorporates accurate digital electronic drives; each roll is designed with computer-aided technology. 

From 1955 to now, the employees at SDI Roanoke Bar have provided outstanding loyalty and dedication to our mission. Employees in the early years laid the foundation on which all progress was built. Today, Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar is an excellent organization with a solid reputation, built and maintained by a dedicated family.