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Pipe Saw

Cutting pipe to length saves costs in several ways. Consumers only pay for the cost of the length of pipe they ordered, eliminating unnecessary added costs. Second, buying only what a project requires means builders don’t need to dedicate space to store extra inventory. Finally, shipping pipe cut to length is cheaper than hauling full-length pipe to be cut on-site. No matter your industry or project specifications, we can ensure each pipe is cut to its precise dimensions.

The Pipe Cutting Process

Some tools used for cutting are circular saws, horizontal band saws, lathes, lasers and electronically powered blades. More powerful cutting machines are required for larger piping made of stronger metals such as iron or stainless steel and, typically, these cutters are bench-mounted or attached to a larger piece of machinery. The cutting machine must be durable and easy to operate as part of a pipe fabricating system.

Hyd-Mech Pipe Cutting Services at DS-Pipe & Steel

DS-Pipe & Steel Supply currently has six Hyd-Mech saws throughout our facility.

Hyd-Mech saws are durable and highly operational to meet every customer’s objectives. These saws can cut various metal materials for any metal fabrication application.

Our saw capacities can handle from 12″ to 18″ to 24″ rounds. From steel pipe to rectangular tubing, we can handle your needs no matter what they are. That’s what sets us apart from the competition. We perform all pipe cutting processing in-house. We have eleven saws that process 24 hours a day. Our cutting capacities are up to 24″ in diameter.